Brain Dead Apothecary: Introducing Terra Former

(Mon, Mar 25, 24)

Five senses are enough for a human to experience life. At Brain Dead, we try to focus on all of the five throughout everything we do—products, experiences, or visual universes. Today, we talk about the Brain Dead smell: what is it? And how is it created?

Brain Dead’s apothecary fragrance line is, first of all, born out of experimenting with the unexpected, and combining the earthy scents of nature. This drop features a new scent named Terra Former alongside our classic Shroom Cola, also available as soap.

A leaked memo from the Brain Dead headquarters in Los Angeles describes the Terra Former as “smells like soil in a garden of tomato plants …very earthy, fresh and herbaceous.." We’ll trust them on this one.

The Brain Dead apothecary fragrances will be available alongside a new special colorway of Brain Dead x Goshi towels on March 26th at 10AM PT on, all Brain Dead locations and selected stockists.